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Serious New Levels Of Income

Are you ready to take control of your financial future by generating recurring, monthly residual income for the lifetime of the accounts you refer or sell?


Want to be able to place high-risk, challenging, and highly profitable accounts with the most innovative solutions in the market?

Maybe you're not experienced in the merchant account payment processing industry, but you have key industry contacts, a robust 'rolodex' or professional network. You can leverage our experience and innovative solutions along with your experience, industry contacts or professional network to take your income levels to new heights. 

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Lifetime Residual Opportunity Highlights

Changed Lives

Here's just a few actual testimonies from our reseller and referral partners from the countless we've partnered with over the past 3 decades. Real people. Real personal and family impacts. Real financial change. 

Rick B.

I've had a 20+ successful year in the payment processing industry, and the solutions and opportunities I can offer through SPS are powerful.  $18K per month and growing!

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