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Nutraceutical & Vitamin Supplement Merchant Account

Payment Processing Account

Nutraceutical or 'Nutra' retailers face unique challenges related to nutra merchant account payment processing. Getting a nutra merchant account shut down can literally put you out of business and it happens more often than you might realize. The key to a sustainable nutra merchant account is understanding the challenges specific to nutra merchant accounts and having an experienced payment processing company to help you solve these common challenges. 

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Top Challenge #1

Chargeback Rates

The card brands have a threshold for all businesses that accept their cards that your chargeback rates should be less than 1%. Most nutra merchant account service providers simply try and split up your nutra merchant account into multiple smaller accounts to 'spread out' the chargebacks. 

Although we can help you with strategies like that if and when appropriate, the sustainable solution to keep your funds flowing is help you with solutions that actually reduce your chargeback rates to under 1%. We've helped nutra merchants do this for decades.

Top Challenge #2

Continuity vs. Opt-In

Another common challenge for nutra merchant accounts is whether or not they allow people to 'opt-in' to a monthly product subscription, or if they automatically enroll customers into a monthly subscription option ('continuity') where the customer has to opt-out in order to not subscribe at the time of purchase.

From a sales perspective, most nutra marketers desire the continuity model because it increases recurring and overall revenue. But too often the downside is the chargebacks rise above 1%. There's a delicate balance of solutions that we're happy to include in your nutra merchant account.


Top Challenge #3

Health 'Claims'

The FDA vigorously monitors health 'claims' or statements related to nutra related products. Your claims must be general in nature and cannot claim to result in specific benefits or healing without having clinical trials. 

There is a bit of both art and science in systematically marketing the benefits of your nutra products while keeping you out of trouble for non-compliant claims. We're happy to assist and review your product marketing content to help ensure you stay compliant, so your nutra merchant account is sustainable for the long-term. 


Experience Matters

With decades of experience in nutra merchant account payment processing, we've pretty much seen it all. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all for a nutra merchant account strategy. Each of our nutra merchant account customers have uniquities to them all and we're there to help solve the tough challenges as your partner. 

Whether its claims, product type, method of sale, fulfillment operations, opt-in vs. continuity, chargebacks, texting validations, or virtually any other challenges, SPS can help you maintain a compliant, sustainable nutra merchant account to keep your funds flowing.  

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